My name is Lex. 19 years old. My life is more eventful than you will ever know. I would love for you to be a part of it.


  • belllaavitaaa:

    I don’t know how some girls are 100% straight like have you seen girls

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  • theunendingstories:


    babe can i show you my d*ck 



    Nothing I expected but everything I wanted

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  • Just bae being bae

  • Ridin for my crew #henryandtheinvisibles @interstellarbus (at Downtown Greensburg, PA)

  • sleepyberry:

    just playing around with perspective or whatever 

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  • Why?

    Like seriously wtf stop being stuck up

  • Anonymous
    Can we have rough sex with me cumming all over your tits again?


  • •tell me more about yourself• (at Kreinbrook Psychological Services)

  • It’s been a rough week

  • 200 dollars later #thriftqueen #sorrynotsorry

  • #dreamresearch #dreamanalyzation #iswearimsane #snake #dreams

  • Cuddle buddy Tuesday 😻 #catlove